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The Doula's Guide To... Preparing for your Birth!

  • 52Weeks
  • 37Steps
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This is the course for you if you're pregnant and know there's something more than the tired old narrative that birth has to be awful. Come and learn how your body was made to do this, how your baby knows when and how to be born and all of the incredible ways that we can reclaim the power of birthing our babies. I'll teach you the practicalities behind birth, load up your toolbox with hypnobirthing techniques, help you eliminate any fears, and clue you up on your birth rights. This is a full antenatal education covering all bases, to ensure you head in to birth feeling confident, well supported and prepared for your dream birth. A mixture of video content in every section plus audios, downloadable fact sheets, journalling prompts and visual imagery for you to work through at your own pace, this course is enjoyable, interactive and might just blow your mind a little. Get ready to unlearn everything you think you know about birth, and deep dive into everything we *should* have been taught about pregnancy and birth. What's Covered: Section 1: Physiological birth -the stages of labour -your placenta -the golden hour -hormones: oxytocin -hormones: the others -your babies journey Section 2: Fear, Mindset and Deprogramming -polyvagal theory -where do our ideas around birth come from? -releasing fear -building a positive birth mindset Section 3: Your toolbox -breathing techniques -affirmations -visualisation -hypnobirthing MP3s -positioning and movement -acupressure and massage Section 4: Birth support -where to give birth -birth checklist and environment -birth partner role -doula role -birth planning Section 5: Your Rights -accepting and declining care -quantifying risk -B.R.A.I.N -getting what you want -dilation Section 6: Interventions -induction -cesarean -assisted delivery and episiotomy -pharmacological pain relief -due dates and going overview Section 7: Next steps -building up to the big day -birth prep planner + a bonus tidbits section

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