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Discount codes & freebies!

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Simply click the links below and use my code to receive some great discounts on pregnancy, birth and parenting essentials x

Birth pool in a box

Receive 10% off anything on the birth pool in a box website including birth pools, liners, accessories and more.

Click HERE for your unique code

Babycare tens

Receive 10% off anything from the Babycare TENS website including purchase or hire of TENS machines, pelvic toners, support pillows and much more.

Simply use my code 10DUNGAREE on the website HERE

Juno magazine

Receive 10% anything from the Juno Magazine store including back issues, subscriptions and new mum gift boxes.

Simply use my code NNMBOR22 on the website HERE

birth plan template

Birth bag checklist

birth bag checklist

colouring in affirmations

Positive birth affirmation colouring in posters.png
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