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So who the hell am I?

I'm Meg, I'm a mum to 2 gorgeous girls and I have a slight obsession with dungarees (and birth, obvs). I also love crafting, yoga, gigs, a nice sunny beer garden afternoon and living as slowly and sustainably as we can. I parent consciously and gently, attachment parenting and Montessori style practices are how we roll in the dungaree doula household.

I fell pregnant with my first daughter in my early twenties and I knew there had to be something else beyond the tired old narrative that birth has to be awful, so I had a good old thorough Google and came across hypnobirthing. I delved right in doing a full course, reading multiple books, listening to relaxation tracks and practicing everything I'd learnt daily. When I say it changed my life, I'm 100% serious, as soon as my daughter was born I knew this was what I was meant to do. I'd recently trained in Early Years Education at University but I soon put that aside in the hopes of pursuing a life in Birthwork. However, the coming weeks and months after I gave birth were beautiful but also tough as I was living away from my family and didn't have any nearby support, I wish I'd have known about doulas back then! I don't want any new parent to ever feel alone or without support and that is the main driving force behind my doula work.

I left my job and started training with both Badass Birth as a doula and with The Birth Uprising as a hypnobirthing teacher. I chose these 2 particular courses as their no bullshit approach to birth really appealed to me and the way in which I wished to work and teach. 

I then gave birth to my second daughter spending a lot of time again on doing my own birth preparation and then having another positive hypnobirth, this time in my own home! You can find my birth stories on my blog if you'd like to give them a read and see what birth can look like when you go into it free from fear.

I am passionate about birth rights and ensuring birthing people navigating the maternity system are fully informed of their choices every step of the way, I am inclusive in my work and will hold space for all people and all families throughout this journey, I am committed to constantly learning, constantly putting the work in and unpicking my privileges.

With The Dungaree Doula you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of. I approach birth holistically, and I feel honoured to be on this journey with birthers and their families. Simply get in touch to get started.