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So who am I?

I'm Meg, and I am many things. A doula and birthworker and a home educating mum of 2 gals, partner and bestie of Benji.

When I'm not banging on about birth you will find me exploring with my kiddos, crafting, in the woods, doing yoga, at a gig or reading.

In many ways I'm probably exactly what you thought a doula would be - a bit of a weird, spiritual witch? Low tox living, creating community and honouring this beautiful life.

How did I get here? I fell pregnant with my first daughter in my early twenties and I knew there had to be something else beyond the tired old narrative that birth has to be awful, so I had a good old thorough Google and came across hypnobirthing. I delved right in doing a full course, reading multiple books, listening to relaxation tracks and practicing everything I'd learnt daily. When I say it changed my life, I'm 100% serious, as soon as my daughter was born I knew this was what I was meant to do. I'd recently trained in Early Years Education at University but I soon put that aside in the hopes of pursuing a life in Birthwork. 

I looked in to training as a hypnobirthing teacher and discovered doulas along the way, this felt like fate, I knew this was what I was meant to do and I set out on my training, both as a doula and hypnobirthing teacher. I originally trained as a doula in 2020/21 and started to work with the most wonderful women, then in 2023 I retrained with the incredible Red Tent Doulas as their programme felt more aligned with my values, beliefs and offerings. Along the way I've trained in many specialisms and plan to keep it this way, there is SO much to learn and the continuous professional development makes my heart sing.

After my training I gave birth to my second daughter spending a lot of time again on doing my own birth preparation and then having another positive hypnobirth, this time in my own home! You can find my birth stories on my blog and podcast if you'd like to give them a read and see what birth can look like when you go into it free from fear. During my maternity leave I jumped head first in to teaching and doulaing and I haven't looked back since, quitting my job before I was due to return. This work is truly my soul calling and I can't imagine ever doing anything else.

I am passionate about physiological birth, despite any label or "risk factor" you are given, we can still work towards the birth you deserve on YOUR terms.

It truly is an honour to be able to do this work and I appreciate every single person who chooses to let me be a part of their pregnancy, birth or postpartum. If you'd like to know more about me then I'm always up for a chat, just slide into my DMs on instagram @thedungareedoula or if you'd like to enquire about any of my services just fill in the consultation form on the home page and we can arrange a free no obligation Zoom call x

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My partner and I did meg's hypnobirthing course and it was just brilliant. Meg was friendly and flexible when arranging and came to our house for the sessions. Meg was a great teacher, and gave us info on the physiology of birth and various hypnobirthing techniques. She was positive and non judgemental and really boosted my confidence around giving birth and the fourth trimester.
My partner also found the sessions super helpful, and gave him knowledge and skills to be an amazing birth partner and advocate.


It has been such a joy to work with Megan in late pregnancy and post partum.

Our little one decided to make an early arrival and Megan was absolutely incredible at supporting me throughout my time in hospital both before, during and after labour even though I was only 34 weeks pregnant and we had only been working together for a couple of weeks.

I had spent some time looking around for a doula who I thought aligned with my values and clicked with Megan instantly. She is a fantastic listener and is a really incredible asset to have on your team. She has a judgement-free approach and is able to adapt to all situations. I hadn't written a birth plan before my labour and having Megan on hand 24/7 to discuss options and in person throughout labour was really priceless.

With Megan by our side my husband and I felt empowered and able to make decisions appropriate for our family as we welcomed our little one earthside. I couldn't recommend working with her more highly.


Once you book with her, you can WhatsApp her at anytime for things related to birth and post party. I know I’m just a client but Meg really makes you feel like you are one of her oldest, greatest friends (but more knowledgeable and wise than any friend I have ha). No question, rant, or gruesome picture (if you know, you know) was ever too much.

I drew on her talk through my birth and post-partum plan, as a sounding board for my BRAIN thinking before/after midwife appointments and key decisions, during labour, and for a post-birth debrief. She’s a very successful doula in that no matter what kind of birth you are planning, you can’t tell what her personal preferences are and she really just makes you feel empowered in your own choices and decisions based on what is right for you. I also did her hypnobirthing course (included in the package) and the amount of videos and resources is really great value for money on it’s own.

I wholeheartedly believe her quick advice and supportive messages around my decision making was a crucial part of why I managed a natural, physiological birth at 41+1weeks with no sweeps, no interventions, and just breathing and. gas&air (in a system where that is so sadly rare).

Lastly I should say I was so appreciative that Meg was open to organising a pick-n-mix package for me given I couldn’t afford the recommended package (and I’d done a lot of research independently already). BUT if you can stretch to afford her full package you absolutely should! It would be well worth it!

Thanks so much and see you for baby number 2!! (Think that says a lot in itself as I’m only 4 weeks PP)

My training


Full Doula Training - Red Tent (2023)

Full Doula training - Badass Birth (2020)

Hypnobirthing teacher training - The Birth Uprising

Birth Blessing Celebrant training - Emma Ashworth Birthrights

Babywearing Theory and Sling/Carrier Safety - Carrying Matters

Birthing Biomechanics training- The Serenity Doula

Cloth Nappy consultancy - Wildflower Education

Natural Weaning teacher training - Wildflower Education

Workshops & CPD:

LGBT+ Competency workshop - The Queer Birth Club

Rebozo (for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond) - Sophie Messager 

Your Rights to Waterbirth Workshop - Emma Ashworth Birthrights

SIDS and Safer Sleep for Babies Training - The Lullaby Trust 

Breastfeeding 101 for birthworkers - The Earth Doula

Shoulder Dystocia workshop - The Serenity Doula 

Cultural Awareness course - The Sunshine Doula 

How to support trans people in their postnatal period - Transparent Training

Currently completing:

Baby Massage teacher training

Pregnancy Yoga teacher training

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