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Hypnobirthing for Doulas

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Are you a doula who would love to utilise hypnobirthing techniques with your clients? Then this workshop is for you! What's included? *What is hypnobirthing *The science behind hypnobirthing *The fear-tension-pain cycle *Fight or flight *Fear release exercise *Breathing techniques *Visualisation *Affirmations (including how to create your own affirmation cards) *Hypnobirthing MP3s (how to find, write & record your own) *Anchoring *Light touch, massage & accupressure *Birth prep planner *Birth rights & the BRAIN tool *Hypnobirthing in the fourth trimester *Hypnobirthing birth bag & goodie bag *Hypnobirthing at the birth *Specific circumstances *How to teach a 3hr hypnobirthing masterclass (including presentation template) You will receive: A certificate of completion! A copy of the slides I use in my 3 hr hypnobirthing masterclass with doula clients you can personalize  Lot's of my own resources you can edit and use as your own

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