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Hypnobirthing essentials

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Hypnobirthing essentials if for you if - you've done hypnobirthing/antenatal education before (either in a previous birth or earlier in your pregnancy) and want a refresher, it's for you if you're super short on time and want a course you can whizz through, and it's for you if you want/need a cheaper option! It doesn't cover as much as my full course but is still absolutely packed with info on how physiological birth works, all the hypnobirthing tools you could need to get through pregnancy and birth, tonnes of knowledge on your birth rights, your birth partners role, choosing where to give birth and loads more. There is video and audio content in every section, hypnobirthing MP3s to download, PDF info workbooks, birth plan and birth prep templates and much more included. What's covered: *The stages of labour and the golden hour *Birth hormones: Oxytocin *The science behind hypnobirthing *Releasing fear & positive birth mindset *Hypnobirthing techniques: Breathing techniques *Hypnobirthing techniques: Affirmations *Hypnobirthing techniques: Visualisation *Hypnobirthing techniques: MP3s *Hypnobirthing techniques: acupressure & massage *Birth positioning and movement *Choosing where to give birth *The birth partner role *Birth planning *Birth rights: accepting and declining care *Birth rights: Quantifying risk *Birth rights: BRAIN tool *pharmacological pain relief *Building up to the day of birth Please note there is no information in this course on induced birth or cesarean

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