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Positive affirmation cards

Positive affirmation cards

Pack of 10 positive affirmation cards for pregnancy and birth

Perfect to compliment hypnobirthing / birth prep practices

Stick them up around your house, office, car, bag etc and start to build up your positive birth mindset and utilise them during your birth too!

They come in a small transparent fabric bag to carry them around and keep them safe

Affirmations included:

Birth it powerful but so am I

I love and respect my pregnant body

I trust in my ability to birth my baby

My baby is the perfect size for my body

My surges cannot be stronger than me because they come from within me

Every sensation brings me closer to meeting my baby

I feel confident and supported in my choices

I inhale peace I exhale tension

I relax I release I open

I make choices that feel right for me and my baby

Designed by me

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