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Birth comb for labour with engraved affirmation

Birth comb for labour with engraved affirmation

A birth comb for use during labour, squeeze in your palm during contractions for relief and distraction!

This wooden comb has the engraved affirmation 'birth is powerful, but so am I' on it as a wonderful reminder to help you journey through your labour.

As a birth doula I have seen first hand how much comfort these combs can bring to those in labour, my clients rave about them.

How does it work?

Acupressure: you have accupressure points located along the creases of the palm of the hands, holding the comb so that the teeth press on these points releases endorphins which are the bodies natural pain relievers.

Gate control theory: a phenomenon which dictates that the brain cannot concentrate on more than one sensation at a time so if you squeeze the comb you essentially override the sensation of the contractions and block some of the pain signals.

Add this to your birth bag or gift one to a pregnant friend 🥰

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